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Kietha Adams, M.S.,LMFT

Kietha Adams is the owner and therapist at Heart of Mind Therapy, specializing in relationship and family therapy. With her deep compassion and extensive expertise, Kietha is dedicated to helping individuals, couples, and families find hope, healing, and connection in their lives.

     With a Master’s degree in Psychology, specializing in relational Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy, and her LMFT licensure, she also obtained her certification as an American Board Certified Sexologist (ABS). Kietha brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her practice. She understands the importance of fostering a safe and supportive environment where clients can engage in meaningful reflection and explore the underlying dynamics that impact their relationships.

     As a therapist, Kietha firmly believes in the power of connection and its transformative potential. She recognizes that healthy relationships are vital for overall well-being and happiness. Through her work, Kietha guides clients in developing effective communication skills, enhancing emotional intimacy, and navigating the challenges that arise within the individual, couple, and family systems.

   Her therapeutic approach emphasizes collaboration and respect for each individual's unique experiences and needs. She combines evidence-based modalities such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), family systems theory, and solution-focused therapy, and others approaches to tailor her interventions to the specific goals and concerns of her clients.

   At Heart of Mind Therapy, Kietha fosters a non-judgmental and nurturing space, where clients can explore their emotions, strengthen their connections, share their sexual likes and dislikes, and develop healthy coping strategies. She values the power of hope and believes that positive change is possible for everyone.

   If you are seeking guidance in building stronger relationships, addressing individual, couple, and/or family challenges, or finding hope amidst difficulties, Kietha Adams is here to support you on your journey toward growth and connection.

Kietha is compassionate and empathetic. She looks forward to the opportunity to work with you and your family.