Blythe Cordova, LPC-Associate

LPC-Associate Supervised by Julia Ayraud License Number: 66848
Phone: 832-720-6864 

As a former student of Philosophy in addition to Counseling, my passion in therapy is concerned with questions of meaning, happiness, and self-actualization. At times we draw conclusions to those big picture questions in life which often limit our potential for success as well as life satisfaction.

I am knowledgeable on working with Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma with adults and children. I pride myself on being able to work with anyone regardless of race, gender, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation. You will be happy to find that I promote a judgement-free environment where you can be yourself, as therapy should be a relief from the judgments of the everyday world.

As a therapist, my approach is to facilitate a therapeutic alliance with you, the client. In this process we begin to analyze that which brings you into therapy and focus on solutions that move you towards your desired outcome.

My focus is on individual counseling without a specific niche. My method is primarily that of Person-Centered therapy and is informed by other approaches. At times I may adopt techniques and strategies used in other theories to promote forward momentum in our sessions.

I value not labeling you based upon your concern in therapy and have no personal interest in giving a diagnosis. I work with people rather than with patients. My primary interest during each session is understanding what your motivation is and being your support in pursuing that motivation to its fullest.

Our time together is a time which can't be replicated. As I am simply myself when I am with you. The real growth happens in therapy when we can be comfortable enough with each other to be authentic and genuine. That environment gives birth to curiosity which allows the discovery of new ideas promoting inspiration and insight.